Hyperledger Fabric for Provenance & Traceability

Food traceability powered with Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Explorer

Hyperledger Fabric is a Blockchain platform that is best suited for building a permissioned network for enterprises – large, medium, and small, and Farm to Plate has been developed on this platform. Being open-source and vendor-neutral, it enables interoperability and easy integration for organizations with their existing or legacy environment.

An added advantage is, it can be easily adopted by partners and stakeholders even if their technical environment is different from the enterprise adopting Farm to Plate. The web application used for Farm to Plate is Hyperledger Explorer which is open source, simple, powerful, and easy to use. Hyperledger Explorer allows for browsing activities on the underlying blockchain network.


Why Farm to Plate?

Transforming Traditional Food Supply Chain

Farm to Plate has been designed using the latest and the most modern technologies in database management, container platforms, open-source, and cross platforms. No matter what your technical or ERP environment maybe – Farm to Plate is ready to be implemented with the least interference, and giving you data that is

real-time, immutable, and trusted.

Hyperledger Fabric Advantages

Permissioned Blockchain

Data on a need-to-know basis

Modular Architecture

Multiple Language Support


Deterministic Consensus Algorithm

Cooperate, Collaborate, Coordinate

The foundation of Farm to Plate is based on the scope to provide producers, buyers, sellers, and consumers to come to one platform and promote food supply chain transparency. The technologies selected to build Farm to Plate have the ability to serve that goal and promote collaboration, coordination and cooperation among the participants in the network.

Cooperate with Traceability and Trust

Global food supply chain has seen an increase in demand for food traceability and trust in food quality. With Hyperledger Fabric as the blockchain platform, and other open-source technologies used to develop Farm to Plate, we are offering the food industry the opportunity to win customer trust and brand loyalty.

Collaborate for Enhanced Productivity

The immutable data curated on the blockchain provides the scope to understand the existing processes and systems and its effect on productivity. With a significant amount of trusted data, and a transparent ecosystem, understanding the gaps is faster and increases the scope of enhancing productivity.

Coordinate ensuring Data Security

Hyperledger Fabric allows for physical separation of data to secure sensitive data, and enable coordination between participants. Data partitioning capability of the Fabric allows this physical separation, ensuring relevant data while being transparent and accessible.

Technical Platforms

Multi-Cloud Enabled