Case Studies

Fish Mongers achieves Seafood visibility with Farm to Plate & Hyperledger Fabric
The visionary aquaculture technology company leverages artificial intelligence solutions to empower farmers that grow and harvest seafood. Fish Mongers is committed to promoting sustainability within the aquaculture and interconnected agriculture industries by modernizing production and post production processes. Fish Mongers has maximized its impact by working downstream and upstream of the aquaculture space. The rapidly growing brand provides farmers with the technology tools and resources they need to engage in high-quality seafood production, achieve cost-effective distribution, and act as good stewards of natural resources.

Combating massive food recall problems

A Proof of Concept on provenance & tracking of product for a client based out of a state in the United States was developed on Farm to Plate.
The operation involved procuring the raw product from the indigenous community in a South American rainforest and eventually packaging and selling it from the base location in Montana. The process also consists of passing through complex, opaque, and time-consuming transportation mediums involving trucks, rail, and shipping. The client at this stage in the process of upgrading the systems in the remote areas to complete the full-scale implementation of sensors, and tracking devices which would form a critical part of the Blockchain implementation.