Transforming Food Industry with Blockchain

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About Us

Farm to Plate

Farm to Plate is transforming how the food and beverage industry operates through a digital platform that empowers stakeholders to better manage their food supply chain – with visibility from farm to plate.

Built by global software developer Paramount Software, one of the top award-winning tech companies in Atlanta, the Farm To Plate platform uses emerging technologies like Blockchain to work with customers’ existing software assets and provide customizable, secure, web-based visibility of the food and beverage supply chain.

The Farm To Plate platform is designed to help suppliers, producers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers save time, money, and the planet. As part of R&D for the platform, Farm To Plate sponsors Future Food Cast, a podcast and community of industry experts, food technologists, and food enthusiasts talking about the future of food.



Farm To Plate platform’s five main functions – Track, Trace, Trade, Trust, and Tip – span the entire food supply chain and include functionality to reduce recall costs, enable dynamic sourcing, pinpoint product origin, tip the farmer, and much more.

The F2P platform builds customer brands by digitizing and streamlining supply chain activities and helps cultivate an ecosystem of cooperation and partnership among food industry stakeholders and consumers.

Contact us now to see how you can participate in the future ecosystem of food supply chains! Bring visibility, accountability, and sustainability to your food supply chain today!

Farm to Plate for Tracking & Tracing of Food

Any new technology doesn’t have to be cumbersome and complicated. Seamless onboarding, easy data transfer, secured authentication that meets global standards like GS1, and detailed product traceability are just some of the features we have offered in Farm to Plate.

Traceability on Blockchain


Blockchain technology ensures tamper-proof records. Hackers or participating members won’t be able to modify any historical or current data without leaving a trace of the changes. 

Affordable and Flexible Pricing

We are offering a free trial period for a limited time. Our flexible pricing models have been designed for different market segments, needs, number of transactions, and participants.

Seamless Integration


With Farm to Plate, blockchain integration with legacy infrastructure or any existing ERP is seamless. We guarantee a smooth integration whether it is your existing infrastructure or system.

Open Source Platform


Open-source platform allows participating organizations to use the database, cloud, and certificate authority of their choice.

Track and Trace with Blockchain

Why track and trace food on a Blockchain?


Most traditional supply chain solutions do not have the immutability feature. Any alteration of information without stakeholders' consensus hamper security or decision-making. As a result, it does not attach accountability to the parties involved. When a transaction is immutable - there is more trust and transparency among participants and higher accountability.

Real-time Visibility

When blockchain technology is integrated into a track and trace solution, every transaction is visible in real-time. With enough data collected on the journey of the food, it is possible to identify the point of contamination as a long-term goal in order to reduce spoilage or recalls.

Secure, Transparent, and Trusted Collaboration

Transactions entered on the blockchain are pre-approved by the organization and the network, allowing only approved members to enter and access transactions. The information is visible to vetted participants in the network, who are trusted, and ensuring data security. Farm to Plate also guarantees secured authentication that meets global standards like GS1.

Managing Quality Checks

A blockchain-enabled food supply chain system makes it easier to store quality certificates and make it accessible to regulatory organizations to certify the process, quality, and systems. This speeds the certification process and the organization is able to take the food to the market faster.

Customer Trust

When a consumer has access to the provenance and information on the food being consumed, there is automatically a trust factor that is built on the brand or organization. Consumer trust is the biggest win for brand loyalty and likeability. Only 33% of consumers agree about their confidence in food systems according to a study by the Center for Food Integrity ! You can change that with Farm to Plate.