Case Studies

Enterprise Identity Integration and Management

State Department of Developmental Disabilities
Integration and centralization of authentication and authorization between the customer and a third party vendor were resulting in numerous technical issues. This was due to exchange of communication between two different enterprise systems containing Identity Managers, Access Managers, Portals and User stores.

Data Integration

Leading Consumer Healthcare Vendor
The project addressed the need of efficient integration of multiple data items with the cloud-based CRM system that was in use in the client's organization. The project involved data integration of the client’s “Master Data Management” MDM with the CRM application. The source data items (like Product, Territory, User, Account, Contact, Alignment etc.) from different source systems (including the Data Access Layer and MDM, CRM) were retrieved and staged in the Data Service Hub (DSH).

Effective Test Data Management for Software Testing

A Leading Super Market Chain in America
The efficient management of data used for testing is essential to maximizing return on investment and supplementing the testing efforts for the highest levels of success and coverage. If the data used in testing does not promote ease of use and adaptation, poorly represents the sampled source, or consumes excessive resources for preparation and maintenance, a negative impact on the desired outcome quickly manifests and continues to degrade the quality of results.

Migration from legacy infrastructure to Drupal

Federal Owned Agency in Utility
Migration - even to Drupal - is no small task, however, and organizations transitioning from costly, legacy CMS platforms need to plan the process out - and work with an experienced partner. This project involved lowering the infrastructure and resource cost, by considering Drupal as a CMS platform. Paramount was engaged to refactor most of its legacy websites utilizing MS Azure Cloud Services (PaaS) for Active Directory, IIS / PHP. Drupal, and MySQL and transition to a more modern cloud infrastructure.

AWS and Citrix XenDesktop

A large insurance brokerage organization
The project was initiated to enable users to utilize Citrix XenDesktop within the AWS Cloud, so that applications could be used anywhere, anytime and with maximum efficiency. The key objective was the integration of the client’s users to AWS (Amazon Web Services) & Enterprise Datacenter to use the Citrix XenDesktop environment. This was the first successful project at the client where the data was moved to AWS. This project became the benchmark for future projects which involved data being moved to AWS at the client. Paramount’s technical consultant was engaged in design, implementation an support for users during the go- live & after the go-live phase.

Combating massive food recall problems

A Proof of Concept on provenance & tracking of product for a client based out of a state in the United States was developed on Farm to Plate.
The operation involved procuring the raw product from the indigenous community in a South American rainforest and eventually packaging and selling it from the base location in Montana. The process also consists of passing through complex, opaque, and time-consuming transportation mediums involving trucks, rail, and shipping. The client at this stage in the process of upgrading the systems in the remote areas to complete the full-scale implementation of sensors, and tracking devices which would form a critical part of the Blockchain implementation.