Strengthening Food Supply Chain Trust to Safeguard Brands and Businesses

Farm to Plate is a platform that uses blockchain technology and works with your software assets to promote trust and accountability in the food industry. Our software products digitize and streamline supply chain activities, helping customers save money and build their brands. The platform fosters cooperation among food industry stakeholders and consumers, promoting sustainability and responsibility. Our solution includes precision farming and data analytics to optimize resources and increase yields while reducing waste. Leveraging technology in agriculture can create a more sustainable future for generations to come.  
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Farm to Plate is on a mission to transform how the food and beverage industry operates by providing visibility of food from its origin to its end destination. arm To Plate’s software products save customers money and build customer brands by digitizing and streamlining supply chain activities. We also help cultivate an ecosystem of cooperation and partnership among food industry stakeholders and consumers.

Solving Transparency Gaps in Supply Chain

Clear accountability and strong collaboration in the ecosystem resulting in 100% visibility among stakeholders in the food supply chain system.

Quick Onboarding of Food companies and Suppliers

Designed to be flexible and pluggable as per the existing environment, and completes onboarding of a stakeholder in 3 minutes!

Accurate Traceability Minimizes Food Wastage

QR code scans at each transaction point are recorded on a blockchain that allows tracing locations and activities. Thus damage or spoilage occurrence is identified faster with accuracy.

Farm to Plate - Transform food supply chain system with Blockchain

How does that help?

The information and data stored on Farm to Plate are immutable and thus can be trusted, which helps strengthen the quality management process of the produce. Consumers trust brands that offer 100% transparency on the food journey including product content, food safety process, allergens, and ingredients information. With all this information on a Blockchain, there is a stronger sense of accountability, transparency, and real-time access to trusted information.


Farm to Plate has been designed with Global Food Supply Chain Standards

Participants can access relevant information that follows a global standard to assure food quality and provides consumers a complete overview of the food journey to enhance brand equity. Learn how Farm to Plate works!

Scalable Pricing Designed for Small, Mid- Size and Large Businesses

We understand that food companies and suppliers are different and their needs differ. We have thus designed pricing that will be finalized after a thorough analysis of the need including the number of users and the data involved.


$250 to $500
Monthly Subscription
  • • 3 Org Network
  • • Up to 5 Products
  • • Up to 10 Track & Trace Process Template Definitions
  • • Max 100 Transactions per day - 30x100 = 3000 txns per month
  • • Shared cloud infrastructure


$500 to $750
Monthly Subscription
  • • 3 Org Network
  • • Up to 50 Products
  • • Track & Trace - Up to 15 Process Template Definitions
  • • Max 200 Transactions per day - 30 x200 = 6000 txns per month
  • • Shared cloud infrastructure


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Traditional Food Supply Chain VS Farm to Plate

Lack of immutability, high cost, less accountability, absence of real-time visibility, and traceability. These are just some of the challenges of traditional supply chain management solutions.


Farm to Plate has been designed to fix these problems and offer faster, accurate, and more trusted ways of monitoring, tracking and recording produce journeys.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that are not covered here or there are additional information you would like, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Blockchain is a distributed digital ledger technology that enables transactions in a database to be immutable, and traceable to every participant in the network. Blockchain platforms can be public, permissioned or private. Organizations can aim to achieve a transparent, trustworthy and secured network with pre- approved and vetted participants engaging in exchange of data and information. For more information, click here

For a produce company, a blockchain based food supply chain system will help in the following ways-

  • Track product with a single click. (Each product is stored on an immutable ledger with a unique id for tracing and tracking.)
  • Product information is transparent and visible to upstream partners - depending on whether the network has been developed as permissioned or private.
  • Holistic view of the product till it is getting consumed.
  • Since, a single distributed ledger is being maintained with all the business partners, nobody can dispute falsified data.
  • Data is safely stored in the cloud in chronological order. Participants can query the database for several pieces of information to understand business prospects.
  • Provision for capturing data on soil, PH, temperature and weather for the product such that the end consumer can be assured of the quality of the product.

Warehouse companies are one of the stakeholders of the Farm To Plate ecosystem. Therefore, they can use all the facilities available to other stakeholders like immutable, transparent and distributed ledger, upstream, downstream and real-time transactions and product traceability and visibility, better communication with stakeholders, fewer errors, time saving and so on. Apart from these there are following features which directly help a warehouse company-

  • Able to see consumer demands in real time which greatly helps in inventory management (Forecasting demands)
  • Least waste management (no overstock or understock goods) because can clearly see market needs

A transportation company can use Farm to Plate to send notifications and data related to Shipping, In-transit, Delivery and Delay, so there is complete transparency made available to your customer. This builds long term business relationships, trust and loyalty of the customer.

Onboarding on Farm to plate is pretty simple and we will love to show you how. Anyone who you would like to join the network can join through an email invitation that can be generated from the portal. We will love to show how simple it is. Contact us at

Farm to Plate is for any food and beverage products that goes through a chain of events in the supply chain. From coffee, tea, meat, grains, dairy, wine to packaged consumer edibles - Farm to Plate is designed for any category of food and beverage and can be customized based on the chain of events.

Hyperledger Fabric provides the flexibility to make data available on a “need to know” basis. Contact us to learn more about how that is facilitated.

We will provide the training for your team, from user guide to an onboarding training to train individuals who can train other team members. Talk to us for more information.